My vegetarian rant!

Plant-based protein is all the rage these days and maybe because I have a little bias (ok a BIG bias) I can’t help but say a little hurray. It is about time the world woke up and looked seriously at these food options.  Why has it taken so long??

I can’t even begin to tell you how I have often been made to feel like a burden when invited over to friends or even family for a meal. I always offer to bring a vegetarian dish so I don’t end up eating side dishes or salad for my meal.  I am lucky however, to be surrounded with quite a few friends who go out of their way to accommodate my preference to not eat meat.  Especially the one who made steak on the barbecue for everyone but me. I saw the Mark Bittman book  “How to Make Everything Vegetarian” on the kitchen counter when we arrived and was treated to homemade veggie burgers.  That’s going way beyond the call of duty as I would have been happy with store bought veggie burgers.

My husband, to this day, tells me it is difficult for people to know what to feed me. How can that be? Really! In this day and age with so many food options and access to so many different cultures, I have a hard time believing this.  Is it really so foreign to people to prepare a meal without meat or chicken?  Maybe because it is second nature to me I have a hard time understanding.

Thankfully our kids are growing up in a different era. Our communities are changing.  We are exposed to so many different cultures. It is not uncommon for us to have Middle Eastern, Indian or Mexican food over the course of the week. From your basic hummous and pita to curry chickpeas to refried beans. These things never made it to the kitchen table when I was going up.

Our vegetarian kids today are going to have such a different experience, hopefully a more positive one. And with so much in the news about diversity these days, they are more likely to be accepted for the choices they make.

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