Why I chose a vegetarian diet

My path to giving up meat


For me choosing to follow a mostly vegetarian diet did not happen overnight. However, the decision to give up meat was easy.  Meat just lost its appeal.  The thought of biting into a piece of fat or chewing off a bone turned my stomach. I just couldn’t do it anymore.

That was my first step towards following a mostly vegetarian diet (I will eat fish on occasion).  For a few years I didn’t eat any red meat. I decided to give up chicken while eating with my grandparents one evening. Seeing the bones and veins turned my stomach again.  I decided I just couldn’t eat it either anymore. I had no idea of the health or environmental implications. At the time, these issues were not topics the media followed.  Following a vegetarian diet was not mainstream at all.  Some people thought I was weird. There weren’t many cookbooks or resources available.

My doctor back then never offered any suggestions or advised I get any blood tests done. She never asked me any questions about what I ate. I just picked up a few Moosewood cookbooks, made sure I had beans and tofu in the house and started cooking up vegetarian meals.  Thankfully it all turned out ok.

Tell someone you are vegetarian or vegan today and they don’t bat an eyelash. This way of eating has become much more acceptable. Food manufacturers now label their food to identify them as vegetarian, restaurants indicate which meals are vegetarian and there are loads of restaurants which serve only vegetarian food. How amazing is that?  There are also loads of resources available to support those who choose this way of eating.

I suppose the reason behind teenage girls becoming vegetarian may be different. I know in our house it might be a case of role models, but what about in families where both parents eat meat. Why would their teenage daughter decide to give it up? Who knows as long as they eat properly it doesn’t really matter.  What do you think? Why did your daughter became vegetarian?

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