Eating Out On A Vegetarian Diet

Were you thinking you’d be stuck eating just salad if you went out to a restaurant? If so, not to worry there are so many options for eating out on a vegetarian diet. More and more restaurants are making vegetarian and vegan options available. Even if they don’t appear on the menu, many restaurants will create a special meal for you, if you request one. In addition, there are now many restaurants that are completely vegetarian or vegan. A great online resource for searching for vegetarian-friendly restaurants is Happy Cow.

Meal Planning Made Easy

One of the best ways to ensure you and your family eat healthy is to plan meals before you go grocery shopping. I know it can seem like a daunting task but just writing out a list of dishes you would like to prepare for the week will help you stay on track and eat healthy. 

Our favourite healthy snack -chocolate yogurt

I am always trying to make sure my daughter gets enough calcium in her diet. She won’t eat anything green so we rely on yogurt and beans for her calcium sources. Does your daughter eat anything green? Not counting Smarties or M&M’s that is. We don’t have too many green smoothies on the menu or heaps of leafy greens on our dinner table. There are two ‘green’ foods my vegetarian daughter will eat on a regular basis and those are broccoli and pesto, both of which are served with pasta, of course. 

A new non-dairy beverage option

I am very excited to be involved with Social Nature, getting samples of new and exciting products and writing reviews. I am not compensated but I do enjoy getting these free samples and providing feedback. The most recent product shipped to my front door is called Veggemo, a veggie-based non dairy beverage. Given that we have been talking about calcium and most recently, soy milk. I wanted to share my thoughts about this new product.

Calcium Concerns

I was very upset the other day, reading the Leslie Beck column about calcium supplements. For years they have been telling us it is ok to take calcium supplements if you don’t get enough from your diet. Well, is it now? Perhaps not.  We know the best way to get our calcium is through our diet but sometimes it is hard, especially if you do not eat dairy yogurt or milk.

The challenges of a vegetarian diet

Being a vegetarian has several advantages both from a health and environmental perspective. However, the perceived challenges of being a vegetarian sometimes discourage people from making the switch. These so-called ‘concerns’ are easy to overcome and should not stand in the way of choosing to become vegetarian.

Fit and Healthy Jumpstart

January 2020 is here! I know we all had a few glasses during the holidays, not to mention a few treats here and there but hey that’s what life is all about right?

Well, now that this season is over it’s time to focus on getting back in to shape and re-instituting those healthier habits. That’s not to say we can’t indulge again here and there but let’s get back into the 80/20 fame of mind.

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Becoming an entrepreneur with my daughter

If your teenage daughter is anything like mine she likes to spend money. Who doesn’t, I guess. Unfortunately, allowance only goes so far and babysitting jobs are few and far between.  As such, I had been searching for something she can do to earn a little spending money here and there. When I came across an article about a woman who was voted the number 1 female entrepreneur in Canada,  I knew I had found something that would be of interest to both of us.  

Calcium-rich soy milk

If your daughter is anything like mine she is not about to eat a big bowl of kale or anything green for that matter. She does like cucumbers and broccoli however these foods will not be able to supply her with the amount of calcium her growing body needs. Leafy greens can be good sources of calcium but you have to eat them!  So, how can we go about ensuring our growing girls get the calcium they need so they don’t develop osteoporosis 30 or 40 years from now?

How to become a vegetarian

When I tell people I have not eaten meat or chicken in 30 years they are curious. Why did I stop eating meat? Do I miss eating meat? For me, the decision to give up meat came pretty naturally. I decided it just wasn’t for me. It does not appeal to me at all. I don’t miss it, I don’t crave it and I definitely do not want to eat it. For some however, this decision is more challenging. I came across this post about how to become a vegetarian and I thought it would be helpful for those who wonder if they are making the right choice.