What is jackfruit?

Have you heard about jackfruit?

If not, it is a tropical fruit that is native to Southwest India. It has recently been used in vegetarian and vegan cooking as a meat replacement due to its texture which is like shredded meat.

Where can you buy jackfruit?

I have found jackfruit at some grocery stores that have a large international food section as well as at a few health food stores. I have used both canned jackfruit and vacuum-packed jackfruit.

How nutritious is jackfruit?

1 cup of jackfruit contains*:
Calories: 155
Fibre: 3 grams
Protein: 3 grams

Jackfruit also contains a good amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron.

What do you do with jackfruit?

I recently spent a morning in the kitchen with my friend Marla Hertzman of www.lovethycarrot.com and we created  two jackfruit recipes which you can find on Marla’s website. Just as an FYI, my family preferred the BBQ Jackfruit recipe.

A few tips when cooking with jackfruit:

  • Check the serving size of the recipe as the vaccum packed jackfruit only contains 7 oz whereas the can of jackfruit contains 14 oz. 
  • Rinse and dry the jackfruit really well so it holds the flavours of your recipe.
  • When buying canned jackfruit choose the one in brine and not syrup.

For more tips and tricks about jackfruit check out this article.

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