Meatless Protein 101


This e-book will provide you with some quick and easy tips on how to get good-quality vegetarian protein with every meal and snack.

Here is what I cover:
1. What is Protein?
2. How Much Protein Do We Need?
3. Vegetarian Sources of Protein – I have included grams per item
4. 20 Meatless Ways To Add Protein
5. Protein Tips
6. Recipes

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One of the biggest misconceptions of non-vegetarians is that getting good-quality protein without eating meat or chicken is difficult. It’s not. I have created this e-book to provide you with several sources of good-quality, clean vegetarian protein along with an explanation of what protein is and how much our bodies need. You’ll also find a list of 20 easy ways to add protein to each meal and snack along with some of my favourite recipes.


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