It’s bound to happen.

I wanted to talk about something that inevitably is going to happen to your vegetarian at some point. Here is what happened to my daughter. She was invited to a birthday party. I told the mom my daughter was vegetarian and she advised that it would not be a problem. But when the pizza came, it had pepperoni. The mom told my daughter to ‘just take off the pepperoni and eat the pizza.’

Now if this was someone who followed a kosher or halal diet do you think they would be put in this situation? If it was an adult would the mom have advised them the same way? Well, unfortunately it was a child, someone who was very clear about her intentions to not eat meat but for some reason this mom didn’t think it was that important.

Now these were the days when my daughter didn’t have a phone so she couldn’t text or call me to ask what to do. What did she do?  She ate the pizza and come home to tell me about it. I felt awful. What a terrible situation this mom put my child in. I was proud of my daughter’s decision to stop eating animals, not only because I also don’t eat meat, but because she made a conscious decision to be a vegetarian and not eat meat. Okay she technically didn’t eat the pepperoni but she ate the pizza that had the pepperoni on it.

Unfortunately, some people don’t understand. In hindsight I should have sent her with something to eat, just in case.  I knew this mom well and didn’t think this would happen. What ever happened to just cheese pizza? Don’t some kids like it?

In any case, if your daughter is invited to a party or over for dinner to be on the safe side make sure she brings something she is comfortable eating. It is not worth risking the fact that the host won’t really understand that she doesn’t want to eat meat. It has even happened to me before. I have been advised not to worry, just eat the soup only to find out later they made it with chicken stock. Some people just don’t realize and though I doubt they do it intentionally it inevitably happens.

What do you think? Would you serve your daughter a pepperoni pizza and ask her to remove the pepperoni? Would you serve her a beef stew and ask her to remove the beef? Or maybe a chicken stir fry and ask her to remove the chicken.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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