How to shop for veggie burgers

Do you find shopping for veggie burgers confusing? 

Are you looking to buy some veggie burgers now that barbecue season is in full swing? Though it doesn’t seem too difficult a task, shopping for veggie burgers can be a bit overwhelming for some of us.  This section of the grocery store has really expanded over the past few years and it is hard to know which burger to buy.

It’s bound to happen.

I wanted to talk about something that inevitably is going to happen to your vegetarian at some point. Here is what happened to my daughter. She was invited to a birthday party. I told the mom my daughter was vegetarian and she advised that it would not be a problem. But when the pizza came, it had pepperoni. The mom told my daughter to ‘just take off the pepperoni and eat the pizza.’

Is The Easter Bunny Vegetarian-Friendly?

Can Vegetarians Eat Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs?

As Easter approaches you can find lots of chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs on the shelves in the grocery store.  I am not going to address this from a moral standpoint just from an ingredient standpoint. If you have a vegetarian  or vegan at home you may want to take a close look at the ingredients just to make sure these treats don’t contain any animal-derived products.

7 Simple Tips For Baking Without Eggs or Dairy

If you have a child at home who has given up eating anything that comes from an animal then you might be wondering how you are going to make those brownies or cookies everyone loves.  Well  yes, it is possible to make delicious baked goods without using eggs or dairy. Realize though that if you are making a cake that has 7 eggs then substitutions may not work so best to look for something similar without eggs. Most of the time you can make easy substitutions and not compromise on the taste or texture.

Are you comfortable preparing nutritious vegetarian meals?

For those not familiar with vegetarian diets, cooking vegetarian meals can be a bit intimidating. What to prepare for dinner is a constant challenge for everyone but especially for those families where there are family members with food restrictions.  However, it doesn’t have to be so complicated to prepare a nutritious vegetarian meal, really.

5 Ways To Up The Ante On Your Pasta Meals

To make meal planning easier, I have designated Tuesdays as pasta night. It just made life easier when when we had extra curricular activities when the kids were little. Now a few years later, it has sort of stuck and I don’t mind because pasta night is usually an easy meal that everyone likes. Some weeks though pasta tends to make an appearance a few times not just for dinner but for lunch too.

Has anyone asked you this?

When you told people your child had decided to become a vegetarian what was the first thing they asked you? 

Was it “How is she going to get her protein?” Hands down, this is the first thing people ask me. Sometimes I get frustrated and wonder how they can be so oblivious!  There are so many options out there it makes me sad to think people only see animal products as good sources of protein. In any case, though the question frustrates me to no end, I realize it comes from a place of concern and that they just need to be educated.  Right? What do you think?

Does your vegetarian daughter have her period?

Iron and the vegetarian diet 

Vegetarian diets can be healthy and your kids can thrive on a vegetarian diet as long as they are eating properly. There are however a few nutrients we need to be mindful of when meat is removed from someone’s diet. One such key nutrient is iron.

When my girls decided to give up meat they hadn’t started their period yet so there wasn’t much thought given to their iron levels. Once periods came in to the picture, things changed a bit. At our yearly checkups we asked for blood tests to verify iron levels so we would know if we should be supplementing or making any dietary modifications.