Are your kids eating breakfast?

As we have all heard many times “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”  This especially holds true for our kids who are going off to school and need to have the ability to stay alert and focus throughout the day. They need fuel to support their bodies and brains.

What do your vegetarian kids eat for breakfast? Do they eat breakfast? Are you finding it hard to find nourishing vegetarian breakfast ideas? And by breakfast I mean a proper meal with cutlery and a plate. Not something handheld eaten as they head out the door or something they pick up at the coffee shop on the way to school.  This is food yes but not necessarily the best option as it most likely contains lots of sugar and very little protein, fat or fibre that are required to help keep them full throughout the morning.

I am thankful that my kids eat breakfast every day. Looking at the statistics this is not necessarily the case for lots of kids. Granted we don’t have a hot, sit down breakfast in our house every morning but I can honestly say that my kids don’t leave the house hungry. Does this help set them up for the day? Yes, most definitely and I think if doing their hair wasn’t as much of a priority they’d probably eat better.  (Two teenage girls in my house).

So, why do they need to eat a balanced breakfast? We want them to maintain a good blood-sugar balance. This means their blood-sugar level should be stable so they don’t get light-headed or lack energy and focus. They will need to refuel at lunch time but ideally we’d like them to maintain a good blood-sugar balance for a few hours after they eat their first meal of the day.

What should they eat to help maintain this blood-sugar balance? They need good quality protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates and good old fibre. It will take their body some time to break down all these components which will keep them full for a few hours.

What does this translate into with respect to the actual vegetarian food they eat? Here are a few options:

  1. Whole grain toast with nut butter and jam
  2. Yogurt (dairy or non-dairy) with fruit and granola
  3. Smoothie with fruit and protein – either from seeds, nuts, seed/nut butter or tofu
  4. Chia pudding with fruit, nuts and seeds
  5. Oatmeal with fruit, nuts and seeds
  6. Buckwheat waffles with fresh blueberries
  7. Tofu or egg scramble
  8. Broccoli and egg muffins – these are super easy to make and are great to have on hand. You can find the recipe here.

Are your kids eating properly in the morning? Are you struggling to find good breakfast options they will eat?

Here is an except from the research study below:

A large and growing body of scientific evidence now supports the claim that breakfast really is a very important meal. The first thing to take note of here is how the failure to eat something at the start of the day can have surprisingly serious health consequences for those concerned.

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