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Are you in this together?

I have to say I am very excited as our community of parents with vegetarian kids is growing. When I first thought about setting up my newsletter and blog I wasn’t sure how many people were looking for support with raising vegetarian kids. I know from my small world that my daughter’s friend’s moms were worried. These moms were brought up on meat and potatoes and let’s admit it, most of us were. My mother fed my sister and I roast chicken, meatballs, brisket and hamburgers. We even had tongue! UGH just the thought of it now is disgusting. Do people still eat tongue these days?

Most of what our moms cooked they learned from their moms. My mother made all the same dishes my grandmother used to make. That’s how she learned to cook.  When I decided to give up meat my mother didn’t really know what to cook for me. She probably never bought a can of chickpeas in her life. I never ate chickpeas when I was a kid. I really started to cook vegetarian foods when I moved out on my own. My kids, on the other hand, have been eating chickpeas since they were able to eat solid food as this is what I fed them.

I know you want to support your vegetarian child. That’s why you are here. I know you want her to eat well. I know you want to prepare healthy vegetarian meals for her or at least show her how to prepare them for herself. But, how about you? Are you going to test the waters? Even if you’ve never eaten chickpeas, lentils or tofu, maybe now’s the time to give them a try, together. It’s not like your daughter is asking you to eat something terrible. She just wants you to help her eat well and flourish on her vegetarian journey.

So, are you in it together? I hope so!

Looking for some inspiration? Here is my daughter’s favourite chickpea salad recipe. Looking for support? Sign up for my newsletter here and make sure you like my Facebook page so you stay in the know.


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