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Help! My daughter's gone vegetarian

Karen GilmanHi, I am Karen Gilman and I am here to celebrate with you your daughter’s choice to ‘go vegetarian.’ You are here because you worry your daughter will not get the nutrients she needs or you are looking for tips on how to make healthy vegetarian meals. I can help put your mind at ease and give you the tools to support this vegetarian journey.

My daughter's a vegetarian... Now what?

Your daughter has declared she no longer wants to eat meat.  How is she going to get enough protein, calcium or iron? Can her growing body get enough of these nutrients and the calories its needs if she does not eat any meat?

Not to worry. She’ll be fine as long as she eats the right foods. I know only too well how challenging it can be to get kids to eat properly.  Boys, too, can be picky eaters, though they don’t face the same nutritional challenges as girls.

You don’t want her to become dependent on multivitamins to bridge the gap. Ensure she gets the nutrients she needs from the food she eats.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Let's get started!

6 Ways To Leverage Legumes

6 Ways To Leverage Legumes

What is a legume?

The google search definition is:

. a leguminous plant (member of the pea family), especially one grown as a crop.

. a seed, pod, or other edible part of a leguminous plant used as food.

Useful Tools

Useful Tools

I was talking to a client the other day and she was completely overwhelmed with the fact that her teenage daughter has decided to become vegan. With a family of meat eaters, this mom is at a loss as to how to handle her daughter’s food choice. Not to worry, we are scheduled to talk in a few days. How about you? Do you have things under control?

While respecting your daughter’s wishes is of utmost importance you also want to make sure she gets the nutrients she needs for her growing body. So, what do you do if your daughter tells you she no longer wants to eat meat? You can read some of the tips from a blog I posted a few months ago. Or, you can download a copy of this post for easy reference.

I know you are worried about your daughter getting enough protein, calcium and iron. Believe me, I have these concerns too! So, I have created a few resources for you.

For some suggestions about meatless proteins you can download this free e-book or for a more detailed overview of protein options, protein requirements, tips and recipes, this e-book is a great tool.

For information about calcium, I have created this e-book; The Calcium Conundrum. 

If you are out and about running from one kid’s activity to the other. It is important to have some healthy snacks and food options. If your life is often on-the-run, you can download this Guide To Healthy Eating On The Go. 

Or, if you want to chat live; check out The Vegetarian Consultation Package and we’ll book some time to connect.

And, last but not least, I have pulled together 7 of our favourite vegetarian dinners in case you are looking for some recipes. You can check them out here in this 7-day meal plan.

Eating Out On A Vegetarian Diet

Eating Out On A Vegetarian Diet

We are only a few weeks away from March break and you may have some travel plans. Is this the first time you’ll be travelling with a vegetarian or as a vegetarian? If so, not to worry there are so many options for eating out you needn’t be concerned. More and more restaurants are making vegetarian and vegan options available. Even if they don’t appear on the menu, many restaurants will create a special meal for you, if you request one. In addition, there are now many restaurants that are completely vegetarian or vegan. A great online resource for searching for vegetarian-friendly restaurants is Happy Cow.

I bet you probably have more vegetarian options in your neighbourhood than you realized. If you live in a multi-cultural city you can most likely choose from the following:

Mexican food options include refried beans (make sure there is no lard), black beans, guacamole, Mexican rice and nachos.

Chinese food offers a variety of vegetable dishes. You can ask the restaurant to add tofu to any of the dishes instead of meat or chicken.

Thai food, like Chinese has lots of vegetable dishes and tofu option. If you choose soup, make sure it isn’t made with chicken broth and ask if they use fish sauce in your dish. These are both common practices in Thai cuisine.

Japanese soups and salads are usually vegetarian or you can choose from a selection of vegetable based sushi or stir fries.

Indian food also has a variety of vegetable dishes to choose from from eggplant to lentils as well as samosas and pakoras.

Middle eastern food has become a favourite of ours. We always have hummous in the fridge and we often stock up on babaghanouj (eggplant dip), Mujadara (rice and lentils) and falafel.

And last but not least.. Italian food has always been a favourite of vegetarians as pasta and pizza are very vegetarian-friendly.


Good luck with dining out and let me know what you find on the menu at your favourite restaurant.