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Help! My daughter's gone vegetarian

Karen GilmanHi, I am Karen Gilman and I am here to celebrate with you your daughter’s choice to ‘go vegetarian.’ You are here because you worry your daughter will not get the nutrients she needs or you are looking for tips on how to make healthy vegetarian meals. I can help put your mind at ease and give you the tools to support this vegetarian journey.

My daughter's a vegetarian... Now what?

Your daughter has declared she no longer wants to eat meat.  How is she going to get enough protein, calcium or iron? Can her growing body get enough of these nutrients and the calories its needs if she does not eat any meat?

Not to worry. She’ll be fine as long as she eats the right foods. I know only too well how challenging it can be to get kids to eat properly.  Boys, too, can be picky eaters, though they don’t face the same nutritional challenges as girls.

You don’t want her to become dependent on multivitamins to bridge the gap. Ensure she gets the nutrients she needs from the food she eats.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Let's get started!

How do legume-based pastas compare to regular pastas?

How do legume-based pastas compare to regular pastas?

Have you checked the pasta section of your grocery store lately?

If you have, you would definitely have noticed some new additions to this category. Gone are the days of basic white flour pasta. While whole wheat and whole grain pasta were new and innovative a few years ago, we can now find pasta made from chickpeas, lentils, black beans, mung beans and even edamame. However, the question is whether or not these pastas are actually better for you. Here are a few of the parameters I looked at to determine if they are in fact healthier.

Being Vegetarian On Halloween

Being Vegetarian On Halloween

Are Halloween treats vegetarian?

So it’s Halloween and you might be wondering how this impacts you as a vegetarian. Well, it does if you don’t want to eat any animal products whatsoever. You may find this surprising but some candies and chocolates contain animal-derived ingredients. Believe me, I found out one day and was very disappointed.

Thriving On A Vegetarian Diet

Thriving On A Vegetarian Diet


Being the mom to two teenage girls who flip-flop between eating meat and not eating meat definitely has it’s challenges. I can never be quite sure that they are getting the nutrients they need for their growing bodies.

Just because I am a holistic nutritionist does not mean my kids eat healthy all the time. Oops, did I just let the cat out of the bag?? Seriously though, my kids are probably just like yours, sometimes they listen to their mom and sometimes they don’t.

I still worry; as vegetarians are they eating good-quality protein so their muscles will recover after gym class, are they getting enough iron now that they have their period, are they getting enough calcium so they don’t have to worry about osteoporosis when they are older? And all the other stuff moms worry about…